Starting/Growing Your Business Toolbox & Resources

We facilitate entrepreneurship, especially focused on African and African diaspora entrepreneurs and affiliates, by providing exclusive resources, news and information that will benefit members and this would be in the form of web technical assistance, articles, newsletters, research, current news and much more. This would include topics such as business entrepreneurship, leadership, business plan, business idea, startup ideas, lucrative content and much more.

Advocating/Showcasing and Marketplace for Your Business Interests/Services

We also serve as a venue for public and private dialogue and advocacy. We believe in unity and teamwork as well as provide equal opportunities and awareness platform to everyone who are facing challenging situations to find a great business venture and promoting/showcasing business ideas, interests, programs, services and product collections for seeking clients, impact investors or partners. We have different opportunities like content creators, volunteering, and other roles for all kinds of aligning interests and whoever wishes to contribute positively towards our mission and society as a whole.

Education/Training and Skills Development Forums

We provide education and training in other ways of alternative learning among, particularly, young people and women entrepreneurs who are unable to afford or travel to the traditional classrooms, business conferences and conventions, seminars, and other learning or skills development programs including workshops. This will involve apprenticeship, self-study, webinars, expert-led online programs and services, and we incorporate the value of financial education and self-employment as these are the starting points of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and small businesses in the entrepreneurial journey.

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