Welcome to the website of the Association of African Entrepreneurs-USA, Inc. (AAE-USA), a 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated in Wisconsin in the United States. 

What is AAE-USA? AAE-USA is a membership-based community that gathers people to support African Diaspora Entrepreneurs and friends, and US-African businesses to grow locally and globally.

Why AAE-USA? If you are seeking to grow your business to global markets? Do you want to make contact with customers, then join AAE-USA today?



Linkage Membership is open to entrepreneurs around the globe. Some of the benefits of joining include

  • Linkage to resources and opportunities to make your startup a success
  • Access to the African Reports to keep you up to date with research and information
  • Network with other entrepreneurs
  • More...

Our Mission

To mobilize a shared-platform for US-based African entrepreneurs, professionals, students and friends for advocacy, education, peer-to-peer mentoring through constructive networking to focus on African Diaspora Entrepreneurship, US-Africa business and impact investment advancement opportunities by leveraging on mutual resources for individual’s business, personal, and professional growth.