Are you interested in gaining extensive working experience in the field of entrepreneurship, economic growth, sustainability and development in USA as well as Sub-Saharan Africa?

Would you consider a short-term volunteer or internship opportunity with our organization that can be valuable for your future career and projects?

Then, please send us your updated resume and a cover letter to Thank you!


Member Support Volunteer (MSV) Opportunity

Would you like to join the AAE-USA National Chapter?

Are you interested in delivering entrepreneurial support services to local members/entrepreneurs and enabling local participation in the activities of the association?

MSV applicants must be based in the USA and currently engaged or have a long standing record of service or assistance to entrepreneurs on a personal or professional basis.  The MSV would be asked to participate in developing and setting up a support system for members within the USA.

Most of the volunteering collaboration happens online.  AAE-USA offers the volunteer a guiding role, supervision and organizational support. Minimum commitment is one year at up to 5 hours a week.  Tenure renewal is due in three years. We would like successful members to work with us as long as possible.

Please send a cover letter and curriculum vitae to Thank you!